Why Hire a Senior Move Manager?

A senior move manager . . .

  • Is a professional who specializes in assisting older adults and their families with the physical and emotional aspects of relocation or aging-in-place
  • Prioritizes, sorts, organizes, and rightsizes possessions
  • Coordinates all aspects of moving
  • Refers and/or secures transitional and moving resources
  • Makes sure the client’s emotional and physical needs and desires are met
  • Moves people, not just boxes


Who needs a senior move manager?

  • Anyone who may be overwhelmed with the thought of moving “after all these years”
  • Due to health reasons, you no longer have the ability to move yourself
  • Maintaining your present home has become too much
  • Family members are not close to help
  • Relocation must happen in a hurry
  • Loss of a loved one precipitates a move
  • Someone who needs to have their present home made safer
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