Services and Benefits

It is extremely difficult to make the decision to move. Leaving your home of 30, 40, or even 50 years can be an overwhelming thought. Knowing where or how to start keeps some people from making that important decision. That is when it is time to contact Pack With Compassion. We will guide you and carry you through this process. Our services include:


  • One hour free consultation (no obligation)
  • Assessment of moving to new location or aging-in-place
  • Create a timeline & action plan
  • Floor planning – assessing space consideration, functionality, and mobility issues
  • Prioritize, sort, and organize possessions
  • Pack possessions for moving
  • Unpack and set up new home
  • Provide and work with resources for additional transitional needs, i.e. movers, estate sales companies, etc.
  • Rightsize, re-organize, re-simplify your home for aging-in-place


  • Your anxiety for decision making will be minimalized
  • The physical burden of packing, unpacking, distribution of possessions is eliminated
  • We provide a compassionate heart while understanding your needs
  • Together we will create peace of mind for this part of your life’s journey
  • You will acquire a sense of confidence as you begin the rightsizing process
  • A monumental task will turn into a positive and joyful experience
  • Your time and your family’s time will be freed up for more enjoyable things
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